Hoang Gia Internationaler Park

You can enjoy yourself to the fullest with the entertainment and recreation services: 400 m artificial beach, bars and bathing services center, emergency station, park, garden of birds and orchids, archery grounds, cactus, sensation train, ghostly house, discotheque, karaoke bar, electronic car, art gallery, open-air stage, water puppetry and traditional music and singing; museum; quay for sight-seeing tours.

About 500 m from Bai Chay is Reu Islet, an attractive eco-tourist site. The park has available canoes for tourists visiting this island.

 In the future, Hoang Gia International Joint-venture Company (Taiwan) continues investing in building more facilities to serve tourists.

Zone A
Vietnamese Restaurant:
Seating capacity: 300
Opening time: 10:00-20:30
Serving European-Asian dishes and traditional Vietnamese food prepared by experienced chefs.

Discotheque 2000
Seating capacity: 200
Opening time: 16:00-24:00
(Entrance ticket required)

Green Bar
Seating capacity: 90
Opening time: 7:00-23:00
Serving good quality wine, soft drinks and cakes.

Speedboat Club
Opening time: 9h 30 -18h 30
Two-seat Jet ski: 15 mins   
Three-seat Jet ski:  15 mins   
Five-seat Sportster: 1 hour  
Banana rubber boat: 5-7 mins  
Parascending: 5-7 mins  

Zone B  (entrance fee required)
National music performance stage:
Area: 1,000m² with 453 seats.
Performance time: 19h30; 21h45

Water puppetry performance stage
Area: 1,000m² with 453 seats.
Performance time: 18h30; 19h45; 20h45.

Antiques Museum
Area: 1,300m².

Fine-art gallery
Area: 1,000m²

Orchid exhibition House
Area: 350m²

Opening time: 18h00; 18h30; 19h00

Ghost house
House-on-stilts souvenir shop
Phoenix Viking Ship
Children’s entertainment area

Zone C
In the near future, this area will become an entertainment and leisure complex, with a swimming pool, physiotherapy room, motorboat and a Beach Service Centre.

Royal Villas and Hotels
14 rooms are now in operation and fully equipped with modern international standard facilities.

Rều Islet
An islet with attractive scenery, not far from the shore. Rều Islet will soon become a centre for information about Hạ Long Bay with an exhibition room introducing the bay, an aquatic ecological zone, a rare animal zoo with several kinds of rare birds and animals namely python, ostriches, dwarf horses, fish, and ornamental trees.
 It also provides a wide range of services such as restaurant and open-air bar, park, and canoes for cruising around, massage area, souvenir shop and water palace.

Add: Hạ Long St., Bai Chay, Ha Long City
Tel:033.3 846 658  
Fax:033.3 847 148
E-mail: royalivc@hn.vnn.vn